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capitalism is enslavement

Capitalism motivates everyone to waste their entire lives making useless products by giving them the opportunity to buy useless products. Humanity is depleting scarce resources, polluting the planet and interfering with our ability to feed ourselves, all for useless trinkets. Capitalism is a form of indirect forced labor. You must dedicate your life to make CEOs wealthy by surrendering your time to them to be used however they see fit. Corporations dictate what you invest your entire life on. Capitalism is a self reinforcing feed back loop. In order to motivate people to be willingly exploited, they must surrender their time in exchange for products they were tricked into thinking they needed. People appeal more to emotion than to logic, making it easy to encourage further mindless consumption. Capitalism will collapse under its own weight. There is a point at which it is no longer possible to pollute the planet and at the same time feed everyone. The most productive form of slavery exists when the slaves do not know that they are enslaved. They are willing to invest their entire lifespan to endlessly produce a comity for the ability to endlessly consume the commodities they produce. All the while, the commodities do not serve society or alleviate human suffering. Capitalism is an opportunity to exploit those who do not know any better. Those who are willing to surrender their lives to produce delusions of necessity in exchange for the ability to strengthen that fantasy through consumption. This creates a false sense of reliance that is hard to break free of. Your purpose is to enslave yourself through your won greed and ignorance. Ignorance will be exploited.

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