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Cheers and Jeers 2016 Flashback: Part IV


It’s almost over. It’s fourth and goal with seconds on the clock. 2016 is about to become an ex-year. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Cliff Dwelling Cedar Mesa, Bears Ears
Among the bright spots in the fourth quarter: President Obama designates Bears Ears (pictured) in Utah and Gold Butte in Nevada as national monuments.

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Below the fold is the thrilling conclusion—October through five seconds ago—of the psychotic 366 days (I blame all our problems on that damn leap day) we’re finally at the end of, in our year-end series 2016: Well, That Kinda Sucked. Included: fascinating stats, more of Pete Souza’s White House pics, the best late-night barbs and, believe it or not, a lot of things that didn’t actually suck.

As we await tomorrow night’s descent of the giant ball (HuhHuhHuh…I said giant ball) in Times Square, all the writers, editors, gaffers, key grips, fuzzy critters and catheter sales reps at C&J wish you a festive New Year’s Eve and a 2017 full of good health, constructive rebelling, Trump impeachment, and two additional toppings of your choice for only $9.99.

Oh, and one more thing before 2017 arrives and I get shipped off to my ex-gay re-education camp in one of the GOP’s Freedom Railcars: fuck you, Trump. And your little Pence, too.

Your wormhole to the past opens up one last time below the fold… [Swoosh!!] Right now! [Gong!!]

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