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CNN Host Smacks Jeffrey Lord For Denying Russian Interference

Jeffrey Lord is, bar none, the very worst CNN pundit they have, and this segment is just further evidence of that.

During one of CNN’s interminable and annoying panel discussions on the air, Lord dismissed Trump’s lackadaisical attitude toward the intelligence community by saying he just wants all the facts.

Protip: If you want facts, get briefed, amirite?

Lord then pivoted to suggesting 17 separate agencies inside the intelligence community were just simply mistaken.

“I’m telling you these people can make mistakes,” he retorted.

Sciutto took that one down too, by reminding Lord that they can also be right. As an aside, if there was disagreement inside these agencies, I might question it too. But there isn’t, and they’ve published evidence to prove their claims. Still, that doesn’t stop Lord from being naive, which gets Sciutto’s dander up.

Lord scolded, “There’s politics at play here. These bureaucracies are filled with politics every on occasion, so let’s not be naive about this.”

Who’s the naive one there, buckwheat?

“It’s a pretty broad charge to say that the 16 intelligence agencies are motivated here,” Sciutto shot back. “You’re in affect saying that this assessment is based on politics!”

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