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For Some Rockettes, Dancing For Pu**y Grabber Is Moral Issue

On Thursday’s “Hardball,” Steve KornackI interviewed Autumn Withers, a former Radio City Rockette, about the resistance coming from some Rockettes about performing at the Trump inaugural.

The mainstream media has done everything it can to sweep Trump’s past under the rug, especially now that he has been elected, and it’s clear that some of the customers for their advertisers were either too stupid or too nasty to let Trump’s misogyny stop them from voting for him. And yes, this is true for white women voters who buy paper towels and moderate to severe Crone’s Disease medication. Something cable news seems to hold in very high esteem as they ignore and normalize the things Trump has actually said about women.

So Steve Kornacki plays Devil’s advocate with this former Rockette, saying if women voted for Trump, shouldn’t the Rockettes just forget about the past and dance or not dance but please don’t make a big honking deal about it because then we have to remember what a piece of crap just got elected to the nation’s highest office?

And essentially, Autumn Withers politely said, “Hell no.”


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