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Fox’s Food Stamp Scream Was BS, Here’s Their 30 Second ‘Correction’

Fox's Food Stamp Scream Was BS, Here's Their 30 Second 'Correction'

This is such a typical BS Mountain story.

Fox News has spent the holiday week screaming about Food Stamp Fraud, because flying spaghetti monster knows they can’t dwell on the incoming Republican administration. I’m assuming “somebody who mattered to Fox” pointed out that their story was a bunch of BS. Or maybe it was just such BS that even Fox couldn’t just let it slide.

But they got caught, so let’s just do a 30-second correction the Friday before New Year’s Eve weekend, shall we?

ABBY HUNTSMAN: An update to a story we brought you earlier this week regarding fraud in the food stamp program. We reported that in 2016, $70 million was wasted on food stamp fraud. That was incorrect. The latest information shows the fraud at 1.3% which is approximately $853 million for those three years combined. Nationally food stamp trafficking is on the decline. So sorry about that mistake. Back to you….

(Off screen male host): We forgive you.

Ed Henry also called it an “honest mistake.”

Make it about sweet innocent Abby Huntsman and not about a conscious decision on the part of Fox management to push the Food Stamp Fraud again (remember Bret Baier’s SIX part series?) because Republicans.

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