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Giuliani: U.S. Intelligence Agencies ‘Incompetent, Politicized’ On Russian Hack Reports

Super Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani told Fox News that all seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies are puppets for the current administration. Yeah.

Giuliani went on Fox and Friends, of course, to call the US intelligence agencies “incompetent” for delivering President Obama intelligence that verifies Russia did hack into our electoral process. Their decision was unanimous, but I doubt Rudy includes the FBI in his claims since they aided and abetted Donald Trump to help him win the election. But even the FBI concurred with the rest of the intelligence communities and agreed Russia was involved in hacking.

Rudy joined the the warm comforts of Fox and Friends and went on a tirade against President Obama, blaming him for allowing hacking to go on and for imposing sanctions on Russia for their interference in our general election.

Giuliani said, “Now after 18 months of this hacking, he does something about it.”

Then he went off on a rant about how correct Mitt Romney was for calling out Russia in the 2012 election, but as we know, Romney wasn’t talking about Russia hacking into the U.S election process.

Rudy continued, “Somebody can honestly say none of this would have happened if President Obama had been awake — if President Obama had listened to Mitt Romney when Mitt Romney said Russia was a threat and he laughed at him.”

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