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The 2016 Crookie Awards! Jeffrey Lord: Worst Pundit EVER

The 2016 Crookie Awards! Jeffrey Lord: Worst Pundit EVER

There were many odious Trump surrogates after Donald entered the Republican primaries back in 2015, but what made CNN’s Jeffrey Lord the worst of the worst was when he attempted to re-write the history of racism and racial politics in America.

Every time Trump engaged in racism to attack his opponents, Lord was there to mop up after him.

Lord consistently tried to blur the lines of history when he intimated over and over again that today’s Democratic party is the same party of the Deep South during the heyday of the KKK, even claiming on multiple occasions the the KKK is a progressive left organization!

He never once tried to clarify that after the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1965, all the southern racists joined the Republican party and turned the south into a the most dependable Republican voting bloc in America.”

Pointing at Lord, he continued, “And then you came on the air and you said this is just like when Reverend Wright was speaking. Reverend Wright never lynched anybody. Reverend Wright never killed anybody. Reverend Wright never put anybody on a post and you guys play these word games. And it is wrong to do in America.”

Lord replied, “It is wrong to understand that these are not leftists.”

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