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Blueprint for the #Resistance: How to use tea party tactics to block the Trump agenda

Now that the Electoral College has spoken and completed the installation of President Drumpf, we need to focus on the goal of totally and completely blocking and opposing his agenda and administration, which includes but is not limited to the following items:

  • His nominees for cabinet and key positions need to be vigorously opposed, exposed and blocked as often as possible.
  • His policy initiatives need to be filibustered and if that’s not possible defanged.
  • Current conflicts of interest, foreign lobbying and corruption by anyone including himself, his family and his administration officers—from Steve Bannon to Michael Flynn on down—need to be investigated and FOIA’d like crazy and prosecuted if necessary.
  • Any holdings or business deals made by his sons, daughter and son in law—as well as any of his previous ongoing deals and assets—need to be investigated by the SEC and Federal Ethics Office for insider trading, special access, favors and gifts from foreign governments.
  • If he knowingly violates the Emoluments clause, Impeachment proceedings should be considered.
  • He’s needs to be incessantly called out for his ridiculous, divisive and ludicrous comments—particularly those that continue to incite and inspire racial/ethnic hate or police violenceand his judgement challenged at every opportunity.
  • The potential of campaign collusion if not treason with the support of Russia needs to be seriously investigated, particular the possibility that dropping the sanctions over Crimea, while being an incredible windfall for former Exxon CEO/SOS pick Rex Tillerson may also be financial payback to Russia for their interference in our election.
  • FBI collusion to hold back information about the Weiner/Abedin emails for nearly a month in order to deliberately sabotage the Clinton campaign needs to be investigated.
  • He needs to be sued for each and any of his policies which are based on, or implemented bigoted results.
  • His past practices and tax issues need to be publicized—from his bribery of State AG’s not to sue him over Trump U, to his links for foreign criminal organizations in his business dealings and skipping out of payments to his subcontractors—and contrasted with his practices as chief executive.

from Daily Kos