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Crookie Award – Weirdest 2016 Conversation (Not With Donald Trump)

This post from last June is the winner of this year’s award for “weirdest conversation (not with Trump)”. I’ll never forget it. — bg


Some days a clip comes across the Crooks and Liars desk that just takes the breath away.

I usually get those clips. Apparently I have some sort of talent writing about Ted Cruz sex toys, Ed Henry Las Vegas Hostess hotel sex, and lustre prints of Peggy Noonan and Henry Kissinger.

So I get the “Eww” beat here at C&L.

This one tops (oh, sorry) them all. Alex Jones interviewing Roger Stone about the possibility that their dreamboat Donald Trump might be removed as nominee at the RNC. Dreamboat is not an exaggeration. During the interview, Stone actually compares Trump to Gary Cooper.

AND THEN things get weird.

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