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Crookie Award Worst Media Of The Year (Not Fox): Joe And Mika’s Trump Call-Ins

Crookie Award Worst Media Of The Year (Not Fox): Joe And Mika's Trump Call-Ins

Three media fails led us to President Trump:

1. Taking advantage of the dumbed-down racist voters with “both siderism” and promoting the Hillary emails story over everything, while at the same time discounting his chances of winning.

2. Covering Trump more than any other candidate thus legitimizing his candidacy.

3. Letting Morning Joe and other outlets, but especially Morning Joe, conduct call in interviews with Trump.

It’s not like we didn’t notice and call the media out on this practice throughout the year. John Amato noted in April:

PS. As Media Matters points out again this morning, Donald Trump is given unacceptable privilege to phone in interviews with news outlets. If there is any evidence that corporate media is manufacturing consent with this jerk, it’s their suck-up willingness to let Trump phone it in.

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