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Crookie Good Guy Award #1 Winner: Joy Ann Reid

Crookie Good Guy Award #1 Winner:  Joy Ann Reid

Joy Ann Reid knows how to cover political news.

It’s hard to find a favorite moment from AM Joy, but her post-election monologue is one we all need to hear and remember for the next four years.

Joy Ann Reid opened her show with a review of who Donald Trump really is, and then she congratulated Trump voters for their win.

And then she told them what they have lost:

Now that I have told you what you won, Trump America, allow me to tell you what you’ve lost.

You’ve lost the morality card. No longer can the US go around lecturing the world about democracy, because, in our democracy, the person who got the most votes will not be president. Nor does the party that got the most votes control the House of Representatives. Again, we’re required to accept this affront to democracy, because that’s our system. But our acceptance doesn’t make it any less democratic.

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