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Mike’s Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up

Sit back and enjoy some hot links with your Saturday morning cuppa, Crooks and Liars. Have a second cup for me!

hecatedemeter tells us a sure-fire way one can identify Democrats vs. Republicans. It works!

US Uncut gives us an example of fake news from Fox News of! (We could have used hecatedemeter’s technique to identify the Republican, you know, if it weren’t Fox News, because d’uh. Of course it’s fake.)

And speaking of fake news, Progressive Eruptions and S*** Rich College Kids Say take on Trump’s fake news/propaganda and how the Media buys into it.

Perrspectives warns us with our own Presidential Daily Brief: Trump Determined to Strike in U.S.

Bonus Track: It’s utterly fascinating to look at the Lyft Awards, which breaks down where their drivers took us in 2016, and you can sift through it further by cities. Here in Seattle, a lot of people took Lyft to Dick’s Drive-In! (‘Eat a bag of Dick’s’ has a different meaning up here.)

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