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MTV’s ‘2017 Resolutions For White Guys’ examined in full context

This post will likely get me in trouble with many of my liberal and progressive compatriots, but it needs to be said. My take is different than many.


This rant is not in defense of the “white guys” or anyone else. It is a call for folks to be honest, and in doing so, we can likely move forward in Trump’s era.

Let me first get a few of my core beliefs out of the way. I want the post read accurately.

  • Selection based mostly on one’s skin pigmentation is silly genetically, socially, and morally. A construct based on color is designed to divide. We could have used hair color, eye color, body size, body type, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. to categorize to create arbitrary gradations of worth to ensure a beneficial hierarchy to some. Then again we do that to a lesser extent.
  • No race has a monopoly on hate, racism, and all the negative isms between peoples.
  • No race has intellectual superiority over another.
  • No gender has intellectual superiority over another.

I get it. The MTV video was made to be funny. Hell the MTV video is funny. In fact, many of the statements hit the mark. I will gloss over them without any in-depth narrative as you can research it if you want to corroborate my narrative.

from Daily Kos