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Revolutionary Method: A Future Fiction Describing the Development of a Socialist Society

Hello all.

I'm working on a new project. Like a good communist, I want to make this a social effort. While this does not mean that the work will be written by committee, I do want it to be developed in much the same way I see a future society developing, namely, with the wide and varied inputs of all those who have stake.

Currently, most of the ideas I have are stuck inside my head, and with only a few paragraphs already written, I don't have any way to project exactly how I see it concluding. But I do now how I want to see it developing.

To answer some of the basic questions:


The use of a work of fiction to explain theoretical conclusions of socialists/communists is sorely lacking. While there are many works and projects which aim to address how a future society might operate, they lack in their ability to connect to any concrete narrative that people could see developing in the real world.

By using fiction, many of the questions we are often confronted with can be explored and answered. The details of how such a society comes to be, how it operates, etc, can all be confronted directly, but the result, unlike previous works, remains connected to our story.

What if we disagree with your vision?

Then say so. The link I have pasted below will be in active development and represents the product as it actually exists. Commenting is enabled for the public, though editing is not. I will entertain all comments with as much seriousness as I can and as time permits and these comments will influence the final product.

What if I want to write a portion of the work?

PM me for my e-mail.

What if I want to discuss the work more generally with others to develop my critique or contribution?

A slack has been started. PM me for an invite link.

Your writing sucks, I can do way better

Comment and contribute according to the above. I make no claims to being a capable fiction writer. If someone who is more capable than I presents themselves and takes the reins, I'm happy to share edit privileges after some "trust but verify" type process.

So here it is:

The first few paragraphs should give you an idea of how I see this developing. Feel free to sit on the view link and watch me work, highlight a word and suggest a different word, a phrase and different phrasing, or make a criticism that you disagree with some underlying premise or conclusion that would be relevant to the narrative.

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