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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Please exit the shelter slowly

Please shield your eyes and watch your step as you emerge, blinking and confused, from the 2016 Survival Shelter. Welcome to 2017. The good news? 2016 is over. The bad news? It wasn’t a dream.

However, you will notice that the shelter door has been solidly closed and locked behind you. You can only go forward. Sorry about that. Take a few deep breaths. In about, oh, let’s say twenty days, that New Year smell may start to wear off. Enjoy it until then.

Since this is a new year, we’re going to do something different on APR: a morning sing along! Yes, really. Seriously. Really, seriously. Wherever you are, listen to the song, and then start it over and sing along. While you do so, picture thousands of other DK-folk waving their morning coffee mugs and joining the chorus. If you want the lyrics, they’re right here.

Trust me. You’re gonna need this.

I am gathering the tools together. I’m preparing to do my part

Now that you’re awake, come on in. Let’s read some pundits.

from Daily Kos