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Kurt Eichenwald: Fox News Is As Big A Liar As Trump

Kurt Eichenwald: Fox News Is As Big A Liar As Trump

It’s about time someone told the rest of the media to stop cowering to Fox News. They. Don’t. Matter. And by the way? You are never going to get a job there, Mr. Reporter, so stop hedging your coverage of them.

—Rough Transcript—

JONATHAN CAPEHART, MSNBC: Concerns for Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest are grow growing by the day. According to the President-elect, it’s not a big deal. The media and American public remain in the dark about Trump’s financial entanglements all over the globe. We’ve never seen his tax returns and now he is saying a presser is scheduled for “sometime in January.” Trump has not held a true press conference since July and tweets and brief impromptu question and answer sessions outside his Mar-a-Lago resort don’t count. Amidst outright lies from the President-elect. that “millions of illegals voted for his opponent” means the media must be vigilant with accuracy, context and tireless questioning. How do we in the media arise to the occasion?

..Kurt [Eichenwald], I have to start with you. Rather than address the legal controversy, Trump defends it on Twitter and complains about his son being pressured out of doing a fund-raiser. Here’s the tweet below,