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My response to the terrorist attack in Turkey

I woke up this morning to find that there had been a terrorist attack at 1:30 in the morning in Turkey. 39 people dead. As it so happens, the perpetrator of the attack was Muslim, and IS claimed responsibility for the attack. As most people are appalled at this action, the question comes up, How do we prevent such attacks in the future? Most people, the common response, is more intelligence, more security, a stronger government. This is incorrect. The US has the largest, and most funded military the world has ever seen, and yet we cannot prevent terrorist attacks and have only seen an increase since 9/11.

The answer and response to these reprehensible acts is the same as it has always been. it is the message of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, MLK… love is the answer. Love and support. If we would spend 1% of our military budget on modernizing and fixing the countries we destroy, there would be no terrorists. If we would come in and say, we would like to help end the suffering of your people by building infrastructure, schools, hospitals, etc, there would be no terrorism. But we don't. We say, Islam is wrong, and you are wrong, and we are going to forcibly change your opinion by killing your friends and family, but we won't call them that. We will call them collateral damage to justify their murders. And the murderers will suffer PTSD and never be okay ever again, and the ones affected by the bombings will become terrorists.

So the people in power… they're intelligent. They’re definitely smarter than I am. So that raises the question… if the simple solution I am proposing could work, but has never been tried, have they considered it? I am positive that they have. So what is it that keeps them from attempting, or even mentioning this solution? Is it oil? Is it the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address in 1961? Is fear profitable? Is it simply a combination of everything mentioned and more? When we are reduced to profit making vehicles for the billionaire ruling class, and terrorism becomes a profit making opportunity, and when pollution becomes a profit making opportunity, and when poverty becomes a profit making opportunity, then it is time to rise up.

It is time to tell them no. It is time to remove them from power and seize it for ourselves. The common every day man does not want to kill, does not want to be at war, does not want to blow themselves up. This sick society forces the everyday man to do these things because he has run out of options to affect change. He does not know any other path to achieve his goals. And your goals are the same as the terrorist who kills innocents. Your goal, and his, is to achieve a better life for your friends and family and self.

How can we seize power from those that have stolen it from us? Our ancestors were able to take back their lives from the monsters who controlled the early industrialized means of production through protest, and strikes. And the capitalist ruling class murdered many of them in an attempt to deny them their rights. Rights such as, breaks, a 40 hour work week, paid vacations, no child labor, safety, etc. The bourgeoisie who hides away in their mansions on their estates in their closed off communities did not end anything that our ancestors fought and died for, they merely outsourced it to other countries like China, India, Mexico, etc. Look at what the outsourcing of our suffering has done to our country, and theirs, and the world. It has created a stratified economy where the few rule the many and live better than any King in the history of the world.

This is a sick country run by sick people who do not care about the future generations who are going to inherit the mess that they are creating. They know that there is a fight, but the average citizen does no know this. The average citizen wants a great economy, environment, stable world, for their children to inherit. This is not profitable for the capitalist. He needs turmoil. He needs war. Look at the top contributors to both Democratic and Republican campaigns and you will see that they are always OIL companies. Both sides. They buy both sides. Now look at where the most major wars have occurred in the last few decades. The countries with the OIL. Now tell me it isn't a coincidence.

We need to restore sanity to this country. We are human beings, not profit making cogs in the machine robots, and we should be treated as such. We are the same all across the world. You could love a Muslim living in Afghanistan just as you could love a friend from down the street. We share a common thread, and we should recognize that.

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