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(Repost from /r/PoliticalRevolutionCA) Happy New Year! Next weekend is a major election taking place across CALIFORNIA. If you live in CA, or know anyone who does, read this post:

The Assembly Delegate elections take place across California on Saturday, Jan. 7th and Sunday, Jan. 8th. Assembly delegates are important roles in the California Democratic Party accessible to non-politician citizens. It's a two year position where delegates vote on all manner of important things that will shape the California Democratic Party, and influence the national party as a whole. They particularly vote on things like the annual party platform, the leadership of the party, and endorsements of all Democrat candidates in CA (including Governor in 2018).

There are many progressives and former Bernie Sanders delegates running for positions in their assembly districts. We are all fighting and uphill battle to win positions. The status-quo old guard Democrats are strong, organized, and intimately know our communities voting pools. In short: we need all the help we can get to make lasting change.

Each assembly district votes for 14 delegates: 7 women, 7 men.

Former Bernie Delegates put together THIS WEBSITE to help voters find their Assembly District, and see what progressives are running in it.

You can see all people running in your district, as well as their candidate statements, here.

Video Explaining What Assembly Delegates Do

Let's start 2017 right, and work together to cause some genuine change!

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