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Sanders For President: The Return

Hello, brothers and sisters!

I've still a lot of work to do, but…well, we need to start organizing the action on January 15th, per Bernie's letter. And…there are candidates who need attention and support. This subreddit has a tremendous power to spotlight these candidates, to funnel support into their campaigns, and to stand with Bernie as we carry the fight forward. This subreddit is a very loud megaphone, and we will be heard.

Now, having said that, this week is going to be a bit of a Wild West. Some of you probably remember Web 1.0, that lawless feel. I loved it, myself. I've taken the feedback on what people think the community guidelines should be, and I've adjusted the automoderator accordingly. Now, I will say, some of the ideas you had were…a bit radical, but I've always been ready for a radical idea. In order for us to really have the community take a look at potential moderators, we have to have a community that's energized and paying attention. Similarly, the feedback was strongly in favor of an enforcement of topicality, but it must be the community to demonstrate and drive what is topical…and important. (Also, title guidelines and repost removal? Y'all are playing with me and my emotions.)

Here, however, are some suggestions:

  • Bernie Sanders stuff
  • Keith Ellison stuff
  • other progressive candidates stuff (like, uh, Arturo Carmona, about whom you'll probably be hearing more soon.)

Because, shockingly, elections don't happen every four years. In fact, if we really want to start planning runs for people in 2016, we need to get on that. Remember, Bernie announced his candidacy in late April 2015 for primary elections that didn't start until February 2016. Well…that gives you all about four months to research spots, recruit candidates, and start getting the word out. And, while Bernie will help when possible, it's got to be better than that. Real change does not happen from the top down. It happens from the bottom up. Somebody said that; I don't remember who. It's not going to be possible for the main sub to facilitate the granular organization of 3,142 counties and county equivalents. That's why we still have state subs in the sidebar, to get people to meet up and work in real life.

When I talked to Rep. Ellison a few weeks ago, he stressed the importance of going out of your comfort zone and talking to people who might disagree with you, who might not see it the same way in every situation. After all, if you only ever talk to the people who already agree with you, you're never going to convince anyone new. That's why it's important that people not just post online and upvote and retweet but get involved at a local level. I cannot stress this enough. If we had a tenth of the subscribers here join local progressive orgs or political parties (or start their own orgs if they feel so empowered), then we could easily start making the changes that will filter up and up and up. It is not going to be an easy road to walk, but it is a road we must walk, and we will walk it together.

So, I guess what I'm saying is…let's start posting and see what happens. If things go swimmingly, great! If they don't, well, I guess that's my problem to deal with, and I'll deal with it over the course of the week as things pop up.


PS: The CSS is in progress. I'm not…I'm not the CSS master. I dabble. Expect changes to that over the week.

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