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Still Not Learning: Politico’s Sexist Post-Election Coverage Of Hillary Clinton

Media Matters put together this clip a few months ago to illustrate just the blatant sexist coverage that Hillary Clinton has endured by the mainstream media for decades.

It’s something not lost on the millions of Hillary supporters over the entire election season. And frequently, those calls for awareness of the sexism and misogyny so rampant in coverage of her were met with sneers, dismissals or just flat out gaslighting. It got so bad that secret support groups cropped up all over social media so that Hillary supporters could commiserate and come up with coordinated responses to some of the attacks.

One would hope that in the 21st century, avoiding gendered coverage would not be so difficult to grasp. But clearly, it’s beyond the ken of Politico (aka “Tiger Beat on the Potomac” © Charlie Pierce), who even as they reel post-election from the prospective Trump presidency, can’t quite keep from turning the shiv in Hillary Clinton’s back.