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Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

I gotta be honest, 2016 was a complete and utter annus horribilis. A real sh*t show. For as much as I will miss some of these icons from my childhood, there is nothing that has wrecked me as badly as losing my mom to cancer. I still find that reality hitting me at unexpected moments and the grief is still so raw. For an arbitrary construct, this year just sucked. And while I am happy to shut the door on 2016, 2017 does not appear to be shaping up to be any better. We’re going to lose more of those icons from our childhood (except Keith Richards, who apparently is immortal). We’re going to have a new president who makes George W. Bush look like a statesman. Our faith in institutions and norms will be daily challenged.

One of the things I’m hearing more and more from my liberal friends is how they can’t bring themselves to keep updated on the news any more. It’s just too stressful. But please, don’t. Don’t isolate and don’t keep yourself ignorant. We need each and every one of you to keep yourself engaged, informed and active. We may have a new president who thinks that Twitter works as an acceptable substitute for press conferences, but we need to be able to disseminate information smartly and to organize accordingly.

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