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Trump Spox: Let’s Talk About ‘Punishing’ Hillary Clinton For ‘Influencing Election,’ Not Russia

Trump Spox: Let's Talk About 'Punishing' Hillary Clinton For 'Influencing Election,' Not Russia

This is what we get to look forward to from the incoming Trump administration any time they’re asked about something they don’t want to discuss. Here’s former RNC spokesperson, now incoming Trump administration spokesperson, Sean Spicer on ABC’s This Week responding to Jonathan Karl’s question about whether they’re willing to accept the fact that the Russians were responsible for the hacking at the DNC.

KARL: But what’s the bottom line? Just a yes or no answer. Does President Trump, President-elect Trump, now accept the fact that Russia was behind the DNC hack?

SPICER: Well I think that there’s a report that came out the other day, that got issued on the 29th, that the intelligence community has put out, and while the media played it up as this report about the hacking, what it actually is, if you look through it, and it’s available online, is a series of recommendations that should be taken, like changing passwords, changing administrative rights.

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