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Why we must march

In a New York Times article titled “What It’s Really Like to Work in Hollywood (*If you’re not a straight white man.),” Mindy Kaling discussed her internal struggles:

My personality and [that of other women] I know is to want to please. It can sometimes feel alien to just say, “I need this to happen, because it’s my show,” and not feel afterward that you’ve been unprofessional simply by stating the thing that you want. 

This is an issue not only among the creative workers of Hollywood, but among women in general. And this issue applies equally whether you’re directing a movie, or participating in a marriage. For women, simply stating the thing that you want is never simple. Especially if the thing that you want has the potential to strike at the male ego of your partner or other men around you.

When women push back, they [are perceived as] bitches or divas. I just made a slight demand that wasn’t even that bad. And at the end of it, I’ll send bagels [to the staff]. Please forgive me for asserting myself in a small way.

Katie Dippold, screenwriter of The Heat and Ghostbusters, had this to say in the same article:

I definitely think about what I’m going to say before I say it, because I do feel that I’m more likely to offend just by being female and having a strong opinion on something.

The wonder is not that Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College vote, but that she managed to win the popular vote while being a woman with strong opinions.

from Daily Kos