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Will the media and resistance be ready on day one of Trump’s presidency?

The approaching days of Donald Trump’s ascension to the United States presidency is concerning. More concerning than having someone highly unqualified is the seemingly tepid preparation of the media and the resistanceread progressivesfor the catastrophic change, he will unleash on us all.

The president-elect used the media during the primaries and the 2016 national election for over $2 billion of free airtime. The media was not being generous. Trump’s stupor attracted eyeballs, clicks, and income. Look, the media needs income to survive, however, bringing the eyeballs without adding value is tantamount to pilfering the viewers in more ways than one. First, they allowed Trump to masquerade truths without substantive pushback in real-time. And second, instead of educating the new baskets of eyeballs, they only prepared them for the next batch of Trumpisms.

At first, the media never believed Donald Trump could be elected. As it became apparent that he might, many tireless journalists whose investigative work went minimally reported by the major networks started to get covered. By then, it was too late in the states that mattered. Trump had already trained those voters that anything the press reported about him was a lie or biased. He had already taught them to believe the truth came from his Twitter feed or his spokespeople.

Trump now seems to have the media where he wants them. He gives no real press conferences. The media reports most of his news based on his Twitter feed. And when he speaks to them directly as he is walking around in Trump Tower, he strategically uses them to lie on live TV which gets debunked at a later time when fewer eyeballs are watching. Brilliant.

And then there are the progressives and their responses to the impending policy disaster. Have you looked at your inbox lately? Every single progressive organization is justifiably scaring you about what a Trump administration means. And along with scaring you comes the ask. Many of these organizations or reliable groups that are investing their money in keeping us abreast of what’s going on from a policy standpoint and more. Others claim they are preparing for action.

The question that one must ponder is, what are the best options we should take? First of all, do donate to those progressive organizations where you see actual and useful work getting done. Donate to alternative media organizations with a liberal point of view.

from Daily Kos