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2017 Candidates, get in here and introduce yourselves!

One of the great things to come out of this subreddit is the growth in political engagement that led dozens of people to declare that they'd explore a run for office in 2017 or 2018. Those of you who decided to run this year, it's time to step up and tell S4P what you've got! I'll start:

Name: Alan Pugh

Office: Elyria, Ohio City Council At-Large


Social Media: Facebook and Twitter


Bio: Lifelong Ohioan, political activist, grilling enthusiast, college football fan, IT expert, grassroots progressive. I opened the Lorain County for Bernie Sanders field office last year (all-volunteer and donor-driven) and have recently launched the non-profit successor organization (Lorain County Forward) which will help identify and cultivate new, progressive grassroots candidates for office and party committees.

Goals: Improve public transit, make downtown more walkable and bikeable, treat opiate addiction as a public health crisis instead of a crime wave, boost small and local businesses, make government more accessible and transparent to the public, and encourage civic participation in the same way that we did with the Bernie campaign.

Let's all get together and share some best practices, and let the S4P community know what we're all about!

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