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How We Fight With Hope

After watching Rogue One I said to the crowd of people in the lobby, “This movie has nothing to do with our current political system.” Because that would just be too easy.

Only one phrase actually seemed to fit, “Rebellions are built on hope.”

If there is one thing people need now, it’s hope.

What makes it satisfying are four parts.

1) A comeuppance that REALLY hurts them. They lose status in the eyes of their peers, they lose all their monetary assets as well as symbolic assets–their families inherited seat at the stock exchange. One brother loses his health with a heart attack.

2) The brothers turn on each other. Instead of figuring out how to game the system or keep their money they attack each other. The love of family–also destroyed.

3) The rules set up by the dukes were used against them. They created the rules to use against others and didn’t expect the rule to apply to themselves.

4) The people who defeated them profited. It was great to take down the Dukes AND profit.
Just defeating them would be great, but what a sweet deal to profit from it. The question now is, will Valentine and Lewis become just like the Dukes. Hopefully not, because they have learned a lesson.

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