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Rep. Adam Schiff Warns Trump Not To Alienate U.S. Intelligence Agencies

Rep. Adam Schiff Warns Trump Not To Alienate U.S. Intelligence Agencies

The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) injected some positivity during his appearance on This Week for the folks who believe that Russia should not be let off the hook for their interference in American presidential elections, no matter what Trump pretends happened.

KARL: So let’s pick up with the Russian hack. You heard from president-elect Trump last night saying he’s still not convinced it’s the Russians. He says hacking is a very hard thing to prove so it could be somebody else. OK. You have been briefed on the intelligence.

How solid is the evidence that it was the Russians?

SCHIFF: It’s very solid. It’s indeed overwhelming and the president-elect, as you know, also said that he knows things that other people don’t know. He needs to stop talking this way.

If he’s going to have any credibility as president, he needs to stop talking this way. He needs to stop denigrating the intelligence community. He’s going to rely on them. He’s going to have to rely on them.

And this is the overwhelming judgment of the intelligence community and, frankly, all of the members of the intelligence committees in Congress, Democrats and Republicans. None of us have any question about this. The only one who does apparently is Donald Trump.

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