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Time to move forward and not look back. Respect all voters, regardless of who they voted for. Build upon and create new ideas, rather than angry protests. Think bright, think right.

I was very active on the most amazing sub ever, during the primaries. We were so close, despite the fact that we were up against everyone. I really believed and remember this post well:

I then said " Ultimately most voters will vote based on policy matters ". I honestly believe that Bernie vs Trump would have been more on policy rather than tic for tac childish attacks.

Its time to move from being a resistant movement, to being the face of the democratic party. I also think that it is counter productive to see this movement get sucked into a total anti trump movement, blind of anything else. Look what happened with this tactic during the general election. Give people a reason to vote in two years time, not against a candidate but for something they believe in.

NB:I have posted in the Donald and some of you will criticize me for that, but if you look back at my comments im no troll.

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