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WSJ Editor Says He Will Not Report On Trump’s Lies As ‘Lies’

WSJ Editor Says He Will Not Report On Trump's Lies As 'Lies'

Why should Meet The Press in 2017 be any different than it has been for over a decade now? The man who never wants to anger his guests by holding their feet to the fire, Chuck Todd, is as deferential as ever to people who sanitize news like the WSJ’s Gerard Baker, the editor of the Rupert Murdoch-owned paper.

When Donald Trump says things that are undoubtedly lies, not even just hyperbole, Mr. Baker is of the opinion that calling a lie a lie will alienate readers, as if “readers” are also Trump supporters. You are also forbidden to have any controversial opinions, no matter how factual you are, because certain people don’t like the truth. Being honest in a way they perceive as derogatory will cause them not to ‘trust’ you.

Merriam Webster defines the noun lie as: something untrue that is said or written to deceive someone. Gerard Baker believes that the entire Birther nonsense should be labeled as proven false, but you can’t say it’s a lie? Saying President Obama was not born in the U.S. with no evidence is something the reader or viewer should decide is a lie or not, even if it is 100% proven to be a LIE. This sounds like the ultimate euphemism issued by a ‘Nanny State’ indeed.

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